It’s not all about you

I was walking by one day when I heard two friends arguing. One of them said something I know a good number of people are familiar with: ‘It’s my life. I can do whatever I want’.  That is a very wrong mentality that too many people have. The same wrong orientation many of us have imbibed and this goes a long way to influence our actions, decisions, approach and attitude to life. Whether we like it or not, our life does not belong to us alone. Even if we do not have family and friends or anyone close to us, there is no way someone will not be affected either directly or indirectly by the things we do.

Think of it this way, if you buy a plot of land and someone has a farm just next to you, would you say, “it’s my land;I can do whatever I want with it” and then, you wake up one day and decide to set it on fire without thinking of how it would affect the farm next to you? It can as well be likened to a drunk driver who gets an innocent road user involved in an accident; someone he probably doesn’t even know at all.

If you think your decisions and actions are your business and no one else’s, you need to think again. Life is not and will never be all about you.  Our choices and decisions do have ripple effects. Whatever choices and decisions you make, no matter how insignificant they seem, will not affect you alone but everybody around you. It will affect even people who do not know anything about the decision you made. A lot of people did not choose the circumstance and situations they find themselves in, but they found themselves there because of a decision someone made.

This is my charge to you: life does not revolve around you alone. Stop making decisions based on what you feel or what you think is in your best interest alone. Think about other innocent people around you that your life will affect.



  1. This tags along with Philippians 2:4, which in this case talks about “personal interest.” It’s an strange feeling knowing how the slightest choice we make affects those around us without cognitive awareness. It takes the Holy Spirit to be cautious of our actions.



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